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an air conditioning unit Belleville MI

When Replacing your Old Furnace, Heat Pump, or Air Conditioner…Bigger Is Not Better

Many homeowners hope more powerful equipment will do a better job. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. While too small is not acceptable, too big can be much, much worse. Most homeowners who buy a larger unit regret their decision. An oversized heating & cooling system leads to: Higher Utility Bills More Breakdowns & Repair…

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ductwork Belleville MI

When Replacing your Old Furnace, Heat Pump, or Air Conditioner… Don’t Ignore Your Ducts

An investment in a new high efficiency heating and cooling system should save significantly on your utility bills. However, you will not save much if your existing ductwork is in bad shape. A typical poor duct system really drags down the performance of new high efficient equipment. Many buyers of new equipment have ended up…

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heat exchangers Belleville MI

Defective Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are the heart of any forced air furnace. Their purpose is to provide heat from the combustion process to the air being moved by the furnace’s blower, and eventually deliver that heated air to the home or business. Occasionally, heat exchangers fail and the equipment needs to be replaced. This article will cover…

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air filters Belleville MI

Air Filter Tips

Air Filter Tips: With the seemingly unlimited options of air filters, it can be quite overwhelming to select the proper air filter for your equipment. Many customers often ask, “How often should I change my air filter?” “Which is the best type of air filter for my unit?” “How do I install it properly?” “What…

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a baby with a humidifier Belleville MI

What is a Humidifier and Why should I have one?

What is a Humidifier and Why should I have one? If you are like most customers, you want the best of anything for your family. This includes air quality. There are literally thousands of products on the market for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The shear amount of information and options can be a bit overwhelming.…

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