Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the diagnostic fee included in the repairs?

Yes, but only for residential customers and during normal business hours. We apply the diagnostic fee towards service work. The work must be on the same work order and not for a separate unrelated call or separate property.

Q. Why are certain parts of my home or business always hot or cold?

Uncomfortable areas are usually attributed to an air distribution problem. The ducts may be too small or leaky. Without the proper amount of airflow, the area will always remain uncomfortable. We can diagnose and resolve these issues.

Q. How often should my equipment be looked at?

We recommend for most applications that your equipment to be serviced once per year. For example, a typical home may have one heating appliance and one cooling appliance. Each appliance should be serviced once per year.

Q. How often should I replace my filter?

We recommend every 30 - 90 days. The frequency will change based on the needs of the household. A larger family or a family with a pet will require more frequent filter changes.

Q. How long does a typical Air Conditioning or Furnace last?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers gives residential and light commercial equipment a life expectancy of approximately 18 years.

Q. How far down should I setback my thermostat?

We recommend that the thermostat should not be set back more than 3 degrees. For example, if you are typically comfortable a 70 degrees Fahrenheit, then the thermostat should not be set lower the 67 degrees Fahrenheit when the home is unoccupied.

Q. How often should I replace my humidifier filter?

For standard applications where the water hardness is normal, once per year is recommended. For areas where the water has an elevated hardness, twice per year is recommended.

Q. How can I save money on my utility bills?

There are several available options for energy savings. We recommend having an energy audit performed. An energy audit will reveal what areas of the home are consuming more energy than necessary. Utility rebates are available for the audit, and rebates are also available for any countermeasures you may elect to implement based on the results of the energy audit. For example, if leaking duct work is discovered during and energy audit, there is a rebate to perform the audit and to repair the leaking duct work.

Q. Is my unit properly sized for my home?

To accurately determine the capacity of equipment for a traditional home or business, we perform heat loss/ heat gain load calculations. The results of this calculation help us to select the right size equipment for your home or business.

Q. How often should my air ducts be cleaned?

We recommend that the Air Ducts be cleaned every 3-5 years