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thermometer Belleville MI

What is a Load Calculation? And Why Do I Need It?

You may be planning to get your heating and cooling system replaced. If you are like most customers, you may have a few questions about your project. One question in particular that we get from many of our customers is, “Is my system large enough to take care of my home?” The answer is, well,…

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exterior of a home Belleville MI

Why Is The Upstairs Of My Home So Uncomfortable?

The most asked questions to the Air Doctors are, why is the upstairs of my home so uncomfortable. You have the top-of-the-line, super-efficient heating, and cooling system, but the upstairs of your home is either a blazing inferno in the summer or a frozen tundra in the wintertime. This situation can be extremely frustrating, especially…

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technician installing an exhaust fan Belleville MI

Exhaust Fans

What is the big deal with exhaust fans? We spend more and more time indoors. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, we are not leaving home for anything these days. With this unfortunate truth, how is the indoor air quality in your home? It has been proven that the air inside of a building or dwelling…

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a dirty air duct Belleville MI

The Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Many of our customers are asking about duct cleaning and some of its benefits. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are spending more and more time indoors. With increase activity indoors and with work and school now being held remotely, many people are starting to notice indoor air quality issues in their homes. Indoor…

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blower door testing Belleville MI

Blower Door Testing

Efficient energy usage continues to be a concern for end-users, utility companies, and government agencies. Air leakage is one of the number one causes of poor energy consumption. In some households, energy bills equate to 17% of the total income in the home hence the concern. This article will describe the code requirements as well…

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a technician working on a water heater Belleville MI

The Air Doctors Guide to Hot Water Heaters

Outside of your heating and cooling system, your water heater ranks high in importance to your and your family’s comfort and safety. From personal hygiene care, cooking, and cleaning, having hot water is an absolute must. This article will discuss the differences in technology, as well as how Hot Water Heaters should be maintained. Styles…

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a dirty dryer vent Belleville MI

Don’t Forget to Clean your Dryer Vents

Your dryer is critical to your day-to-day household operation. The dryer is usually out of sight and out of mind and is generally neglected in many households. This article will discuss one key maintenance aspect that you should not ignore, cleaning your dryer vents. The US Fire Administration reports that 34% of residential fires originate…

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Energy Auditing

My Utility Bills are high…What can I do? It can be frustrating to have costly utility bills month after month. You stay on top of your equipment maintenance but yet something is wrong. When you compare notes with your friends and neighbors, your utility bills are higher. The Department of Energy reports that some households…

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a boiler system Belleville MI

What is a CSD – 1 Test and Why do I need it?

Many of our customers who own commercial buildings may have their building heated by a boiler. A boiler is a device that uses pressurized hot water or steam to provide heat to the building’s occupants. Boilers are generally used in larger buildings or applications because traditional forced air heating and cooling systems become too costly…

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a faulty air conditioning unit Belleville MI

My Unit Is Leaking Refrigerant…What Should I Do?

Summer brings fun in the sun, but the dog days of summer can be quite brutal on you and your family. Your home is your reprieve – that is until your Air Conditioning system breaks down. Maybe you contacted an air conditioning company, and they recharged your system with refrigerant and presented you with a…

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