Carrier Secondary Heat Exchangers

Safety Notice – Carrier Secondary Heat Exchangers

Carrier Corporation has a recall on High Efficiency furnaces manufactured from 2012 until 2016. An except of the service bulletin is posted below. Air Doctors Heating and Cooling is trained to inspect these furnaces and process the warranty information for you. If your model number falls into this date range, please schedule a service call to have your system evaluated.


© Carrier Corporation 2012,
Number: SMB 09-0024 Issued: 6/8/9 SMB 07-0056
Revision:12/17/12 – Extended to 6/30/2016
Title: Enhanced Warranty Policy – 40” Tall,
Multipoise 90% Furnace Secondary
Heat Exchanger Failure
Category: Policy


90% Gas Furnaces


340A, 340M, 345M, 350A, 350M, 351D, 352A, 352M, 355A, 355B, 355C, 355M 58MCA, MCB, MXA, MXB, MSA, UVB, MVP, MVB, MVC, MTA, MTB 490A, PG9M

Serial Number Range: 2993A00001 – 1808A99999 (ed Note – other serial numbers have issues as well, but this bulletin relates to this range only)


Carrier is providing an enhanced warranty on the secondary or “condensing” heat exchangers for the above listed 90% high-efficiency furnace models, within the stated serial number ranges. This bulletin announces and provides details of this new enhanced warranty coverage policy. This policy ONLY covers the failure and required replacement of a secondary or “condensing” heat exchanger and the following related parts: coupling box kits, cold spot baffle, and cell inlet and outlet panels.

SMB 09-0024 page 2

Failure or imminent failure within 6 months is defined by the following criteria:

  • The furnace no longer functions to produce heat due to diagnosed heat exchanger restriction per inspection guidelines provided in SMB 09-0022.
  • The furnace produces heat but fails combustion analysis test due to heat exchanger restriction as diagnosed per guidelines provided in SMB 09-0022.
  • The secondary heat exchanger meets the visual inspection failure criteria per visual inspection instructions provided in SMB 09-0022.

The coverage period for this policy is twenty (20) years from original furnace installation date.


This enhanced warranty policy provides two coverage options:

Option #1: Flat Rate Allowance to cover the replacement of a failed secondary heat exchanger. Option #2: Monetary credit allowance toward the purchase of a new piece of equipment.

Note: Option #2 is only available toward Carrier, Bryant and Payne brand equipment that has a minimum retail value of $1250.00 (not including the cost of installation).

The following are some pictures of what a typical secondary failure would looks like:

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