Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans

What is the big deal with exhaust fans?

We spend more and more time indoors. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, we are not leaving home for anything these days. With this unfortunate truth, how is the indoor air quality in your home? It has been proven that the air inside of a building or dwelling is significantly more polluted than outdoors. This is especially true with kitchens and restrooms. In older home, exhaust fans were not required. The codes and standards did not require them until more recent years. Exhaust fans work based on the principle of source control or removing the pollutants or contaminants right where they are generated.

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Indoor Air Quality in the Kitchen

The kitchen is where all of the good stuff happens. Most likely, this is where people gather to eat and/or prepare food. This is usually a happy place, but this area is notorious for carbon monoxide production. If you have a gas stove, every time you cook or use the burners to prepare food, small amounts of carbon monoxide are produced. If the stove or oven is not maintained regularly, carbon monoxide can become quite concerning, even lethal. A properly operating exhaust fan with help the unwanted poisonous gas to see itself to the outside of your home. Additionally, expelling the bad stuff outside will allow the house or building to bring in fresh air from the outdoors and dilute the unwanted exhaust gases.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the area where all of the bad stuff happens. An exhaust fan is a no brainer for the odors, but what about the moisture? Mold is particularly fond of moist areas, and all it needs is food, i.e., drywall or other organic materials, and water to survive. Mold is a health hazard to humans and should be eliminated. The exhaust fan helps to eliminate the chances of mold growth by getting rid of the elements that promote mold growth.

In addition to heating and cooling, we are a home performance contractor. We follow the BPI (Building Performance Institute Standards). With BPI’s industry-leading recommendation, we strive to keep your home not only comfortable but safe. When it comes to exhaust fans, we specify ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) exhaust fans. When a fan is ASHRAE rated, it means that this fan has the rating to remove the required volume of air for it to be effective at removing pollutants and contaminants. Additionally, we specify the correct building materials for exhaust fan discharge to exit the building safely and efficiently.

The Air Doctors Heating and Cooling, LLC Difference

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